Indotan SS

Indotan SS | Acrylic syntans for sealing & improving buffing properties

  • Function

    Acrylic Syntans

  • Properties

    Specialty acrylic syntan which is meant for drum impregnation which improves compactness of leather.

Technical Information

Features & Advantages
Imparts good compact ness to leathers with good temper. Subsequently in buffing it helps in achieving short nap.

Product either can  be used in retannage along with syntans & vegetable extracts or on top agter fatliquoring resulting in to compact grain which helps in gving short nap in buffing. Suitable for all leather articles which are to be snuffed.

Additional Information
All these acrylic syntans are free of APEO/NPEO, SCCP/MCCP, Free of free formaldehyde & as per Reach compliance