Indofil HSD 45

Indofil HSD 45 | Dispersing Agent

  • Function

    Dispersing Agent

  • Properties

    Extremely versatile pigment dispersant for acrylic, vinyl acrylic and styrene/acrylic based coatings. A cost effective and versatile dispersant for a wide range of paint formulations.

High Solid Dispersant of carboxylic acid . Excellent pigment wetting & stabilising properties.

Technical Information
Colorless to sl bronish yellowish liquid with 45 % solid.

Features & Advantages

  • Reduces mill base viscosity & dispersion time.
  • Provides Opacity & Sheen


Recommended for High & Medium PVC paints, Primer. 

Additional Information
Excellent stability in Indofil ASE 60  and HASE type rheology modifiers. Excellent compatibility with cellulosic thickeners in a variety of binder types.