Indofil AC 261

Indofil AC 261 | Pure Acrylic Emulsion

  • Function

    Emulsion / Binder

  • Properties

    Acrylic emulsion exhibites very good adhesion on the variety of substrate like wood, concrete surface & old painted surface.

Bluish white emulsion with very small particle size & imparts very good binding to the pigment. It imparts all the performance related properties like DPUR,Water Resistance. 

Technical Information
50 % soild product.

Features & Advantages

  • Excellent resistance to Wet Scrub & Dirt pick up
  • Excellent Block resistance
  • Superior binding properties
  • Very good stain resistance

Recommended for Premium quality Interior, Exterior paint and Textured finishes.

Additional Information
Excellent freeze thaw & divalent ion stability
Excellent response to rheology modifiers