Indofil OP 621

Indofil OP 621 | Acrylic Emulsion

  • Function

    Emulsion / Binder

  • Properties

    Improves the hiding efficiency of Titanium Dioxide by light scattering phenomenon and not by crowding the Titanium Dioxide particles

Opaque Polymer is a non-film forming emulsion polymer. Due to its narrow particle size distribution it acts as a ultra fine inorganic extenders , spacing TiO2 effectively and therefore increasing its efficiency as a primary pigment.

Technical Information
Milky white emulsion with 38 % solid.

Features & Advantages

  • Improves TiO2 efficiency by effective spacing, helps in optimising formulation cost.
  • Improves sheen, opacity and washability
  • Reduces binder loading

Recommended for all types of Decorative water based coatings. 

Additional Information
APEO free, ammonia free and low VOC.