Indosurf 99

Indosurf 99 | Mixtuer of polyglycol ether

  • Function

    Wetting Agent

  • Properties

    It reduces surface tension of the liquid and make it more effective in spreading over and penetrating surfaces. Compatibility with a wide range of pigments, extenders and polymers.

APEO and Formaldehyde free non-ionic wetting agent with HLB value 13-14.

Technical Information
Colourless to pale yellowish liquid with 90 % solid.

Features & Advantages

  • Excellent compatibility with a wide range of pigments and extenders.
  • Provides excellent colour development, and stability. Reduces mill viscosity which allows higher pigment/extender loading in paint formulation.

Recommended for High & Medium PVC paints, Primer.

Additional Information
Excellent stability with cellulosic thickeners & Indofil ASE 60 .