Indofil Soft PWS 1309

Indofil Soft PWS 1309 | Fatliquors

  • Function


  • Properties

    Specialty Whitening fatliquor, imparts good inner softness and good surface touch.

Technical Information
Lightfast. Free of SCCP/MCCP, NPEO/APEO

Features & Advantages
Imparts good inner softness with smooth silky touch with good whiteness .It is most suitable for cow white gloving.

Suitable for fatliquoring of shoe uppers, softies, nubucks, suedes, garments, leather goods, Linings, white industrial gloving leathers.

Additional Information
All these fatliquors are free of APEO/NPEO, SCCP/MCCP, Free of free formaldehyde & as per Reach compliance