Indofil Oil ESS 1204

Indofil Oil ESS 1204 | Fatliquors

  • Function


  • Properties

    Anionic Ester based fatliquor with good penetration,imparts medium softness with good fulless & roundness.

Technical Information
Lightfast, heat resistant. Free of SCCP/MCCP, NPEO/APEO

Features & Advantages
Imparts good softness with smooth surface touch with fullness .It is stable to electrolytes & hard water. It is giving good nap and sheen on nubucks & suedes. Stable in rechroming.

Suitable for fatliquoring of shoe uppers, softies, nubucks, suedes, Linings, saddlery & belting leathers.

Additional Information
All these fatliquors are free of APEO/NPEO, SCCP/MCCP, Free of free formaldehyde & as per Reach compliance