Indophob WPF

Indophob WPF | Water Repellent Fatliquors & auxiliaries

  • Function


  • Properties

    Polymeric Water repellent fatliquor

Technical Information
Lightfast & heat resistant. Free of SCCP/MCCP, NPEO/APEO

Features & Advantages
Leathers treated with WPF are withstanding Bally penetrometer & measur flexes. It also gives desired results of water vapour permiability and MVTR. In non water proof leathers it gives goof softness, fullness & eliminates the looseness.

Recommended for manufacturing of all types of water repellent shoe uppers, milled articles, washable leathers.

Additional Information
All these fatliquors are free of APEO/NPEO, SCCP/MCCP,Free of free formaldehyde & as per Reach compliance