INDOFIL LC-40 ECO | High solid acrylic based formulation

  • Function

    Khadi Printing Binder

  • Properties

    GOTS approved special acrylic based emulsion with excellent binding capacity for various applications.

Special acrylic formulation for various applications with excellent binding capacity. Suitable for coating, lamination, fixation accelerator and other special formulations.

Technical Information
INDOFIL LC 40 is high solid, thermo-plastic acrylic emulsion polymer in primary form which exhibits extraordinary flexibility, good water resistance, high pigment loading capabilities, excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates and outstanding ultraviolet light resistance.

Features & Advantages

  • High solid special acrylic emulsion.
  • Excellent binding capacity.
  • Multifarious application.


Coating, Fixation accelerator, Stretched Khadi, Special formulation.