ASPERA PU WH 3100 | Aqueous polyurethane dispersion

  • Function

    PU Dispersions

  • Properties

    Colour - bluish liquid, film character - medium soft, Ionic nature - anionic, solid content - 31%.

Aqueous based polyurethane dispersion having medium soft film which can be applied for various coating and finishing effects.   

Technical Information
ASPERA PU WH3100 is a medium soft polyurethane binder. It is a water based dispersion of aliphatic polyurethane polyether based which is free from organic solvents. The product has a high light fastness and high adhesion properties.

Features & Advantages

  • Non tacky, smooth surface touch      
  • Excellent adhesion with strong mechanical stability.
  • Excellent covering and filling property.
  • Impart good wet and dry rub fastness.

Aspera PU WH3100 is a coating agent for woven and non-woven fabrics. The dispersion is converted into a paste with the aid of a thickening agent prior to coating.